Friday, April 27, 2012

The Power of Thoughts

Last Thursday I went to the post office to get stamps to send my Christmas cards to clients and friends. While putting the stamps I was checking the names and realized that a year had gone by, and I haven't made contact with the friends that I was now sending seasons cards.
Three of them got more attention (Noreen, Claudette and Brian). They are people that I love, that have been friends for a long time and for one reason or another life was just happening to all of us and we haven't talk to each other in a year or more. So, as I thought about it,  I made a mental note to contact them as soon as I had a chance.

I left the post office and went on running my errands for the day. Around 12:30 I was hungry and instead going to my usual Panera Bread , I changed my mind and decided to take a break ata local Olive Garden. While the hostess is guiding me to my table I see someone waving at me from the back of one of the many rooms, for my complete surprise, it realize that the happy waiving persons was Claudette, I stop by, we hug, talk for a little and I leave her, her daughter and granddaughter to enjoy their lunch and head to my table, kind of taken by the 'coincidence'.

After lunch I went on with my Christmas errands. About 2pm I get a text message, I fell my phone vibrate and look at just to make sure it was nothing too important - as I look at the a chill runs thorugh my body - it is Noreen, saying that has been too long and we have to set something up and get together (which we schedule fore later today). What was going on? Another coincidence?

Well by the time the day ends and I am finally at home working on my computer I get an email message and yes it was from Brian....

These are very good and close friends, but somehow we all have life happening, we blink and a year goes by. We think about each other, but for one reason or another we can't stop right there at that moment, the day happens and then it is too late, so we think we'll get in touch the next day and time just goes by. I know, It's a shame, but it just happens this way.

Long story short, you can call coincidence, but I believe that there is something more to it. Somehow on that Thursday, the four of us were on the same wave lenght and our thoughts attracted each other.

It felt like something out of the book 'The Secret'. It got me thinking, what a powerful tool we have, makes me wonder what else can be achieved with positive thoughts and reaching the right waves. How come we have forgotten how to use this powerful resource????

                                                                                                   N. Cardoso 12/13/2009

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