Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been reading a little book called 'The Art of Simplicity' by Candy Paull and it has made me think and rethink about what simplicity is.

Last June I moved into this little place on the beach. A little loft with a deck and ocean views from almost every room, here, on my little peace of paradise I started practicing the art of shedding. Shedding possessions, since the space is restrict I finally come to realize that I really don't need much at all. Anne Murrow Lindenberg said in the book 'Gift from the Sea'

' learns first of all in beach living the art of shedding; how little one can get along with, not how much. Physical shedding to begin with, which then mysteriously spreads into other fields...'

I have the basics in my little place, basics that makes my life simple yet comfortable. Surrounded by books that have been illuminating my journey to the center of myself. A journey I took in order to destroy myths I have believed in for most of my life; a journey to remove weeds that I have allowed to grow and fed with my own thoughts and actions, allowing them to became strong in my soul; a journey to clear the dust, to face my own demons and let them rest; a journey to open the windows that have been closed for too long and let the sun shine, to bring a new light onto my old self.

I have no illusions that this will be an easy task. It has began about 7 months ago and since it started I have experienced things that are not comfortable to experience. I have realized that it doesn't matter what I say or do, in the end, people's words and action can only affect me as much as I allow them to, and to realize that I have been allowing other people to weaken my soul and spirit is not the best vision of myself.

My spirit was broken, my faith shaken to the core, even my body has weaken, as to reflect all the inside turmoil out, to a point of requiring medical attention. The need for solitude, to listen and understand what is happening grows stronger, I believe it is the next necessary step on this transformation.

I have to confess that it scares me. Sometimes I feel like running back to my shell and closing it in. To a place I feel safe and it doesn't hurt...but no matter how hard it might be, there is this voice inside that tells me that this journey has to be taken and no one can do it for me. This is the beginning of a new life. The life I have been searching for, so I must go on.

But today is Sunday, it's a beautiful day outside, and I have decided that I am spending this magnificent day at the beach, which is what I love to do the most. I got my mp3, a book, my beach chair, a blanket, notebook and pen and I was gone.

Laying on my chair, looking at the horizon, feeling the sand under my feet, made me think about all that I have been reading and how truly simple life can be. Think about how much we go, many times, completely out of our way, to bring complication in.

We live in a world that clamors for "more! more! more!" and forget our own childhood wonders, freedom, purity and simple happiness...a time when all that we needed was the loving hug and kisses of our parents and we knew then that everything else would be okay.

Simplicity opens the way to the heart, a place where we still can - if we take the time of our hustling and bustling lives - find the peace, quiet and hear the voice that guides us.

Simplicity is making elegant choices, treasuring precious moments, and valuing what is of eternal worth. Michelangelo saw in a crude piece of marble the wonder and beauty of the statue of David, we, like David have that inner beauty hidden in the complexity of the lives we create around us.

Simple and easy are not the same thing. Simplicity brings easy, but it is not always easy. Easy is the wish for a magic potion, an instant solution. Easy formulas that reduce life to quantifiable processes are the fascination of our times.

Simplicity is more organic and complex, a pearl of great price that must be sought after with the heart, not just the head. A Simple life is obtained focusing on the essentials of life, rather than allowing desires and fears to take the driver seat. Simplicity is finding abundance in the small things and re-discovering the wonder we once knew.

Now, sitting at the beach and letting my thoughts fly free to the horizon where the water meets the blue sky, made me think about many other times in life, reminded me that it doesn't matter how bad things might be in certain phases of our lives...if we take a break and re-focus we will find that there is still a very special little voice inside each and everyone of us, and all that we need to do is hear it to realize that the things that really count in life are love, faith, hope, health, laugh, joy, freedom, nature, the music of our souls, family and friends....they all are free of monetary cost and offer rewards that money can't buy....all the other things, well, they are just distractions, just a scrap of metal where you can see your own reflection and nothing more.

Focus on what is important, find who you really are and let it show. Take a little step of courage each and every minute on this journey and learn the art of simplicity.

Noemi Cardoso 05/30/2010

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