Thursday, July 26, 2012

Honesty: A lost Treasure?

Honesty is one of the greatest signs of a person's character. It is too easy to let slide and avoid saying our truthful thoughts to the people we care about. Not behind their backs, to others in a whisper... but staring at their eyes, in private, in a loving manner.

To say not just the bad, the flaws we see, not to humiliate but to motivate, a 'positive criticism' - if that is at all a possibility, after all criticism has always a bitter taste - (On a side note here, we must also be open-minded to accept the same 'positive criticism' from them). We must also recognize, highlight and applaud their good with the same easy we point fingers at their faults.

It can make you, break you, help you to succeed. It can destroy you, exonerate you and even bury you. BUT the thing that it will guarantee to do is to bring peace, harmony, trust, wealth, friendship, peace of mind, but most of all love and respect.

Honesty is not something you just expect to get from others because you believe to be entitled to it. It is something you give to others at the same proportion you expect to receive. Once honesty it is gone in any type of relationship then trust is wounded, and even tough a relationship can still remain, it will always be like trying to put together the pieces of a broken might work still, but the image that reflects from it will always be distorted and imperfect.

Many today, have forgotten the importance of it and the 'few' that still honors this trait of a good character are usually labeled 'idiots'. Most people exercise the current 'what is in for me' mentality. The current society of 'immediate satisfaction at all costs' is transforming characters and relationships into something unnecessary and banal.

You can call me a dreamer, but I rather be an 'idiot' than a lost soul in search of a never-ending fantasy life filled with lies, pumped up by TV reality shows to fulfill the emptiness of my own life. Just because 'everybody does it' it does not make it right. That is where the use of common sense and free will should kick in.

Honesty is what comes out and it is what is expected from others. Without the bad I will never be the great human being I am cut out to be. Without losing I will never savor the taste of a sweet victory, without being discriminated I will never enjoy the pleasure of fitting in, without a tear I will never recognize the thrill of a happy smile.

No matter what the weather is on the outside, it will always be sunny on the inside because I know where the truth comes from and no one has the power to diminish it or try to mold me into something else, so they can feel comfortable on their own skin. Like the song said, “Don’t worry, be happy”.

Smile, regardless the tears streaming down your face, there will always be a sunshine shining after a stormy day.

N. Cardoso 07/26/2012

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