Friday, October 12, 2012

How would you spend today if it were the one day by which your entire life would be judged?

What would I write if I knew I only had one shot at making a difference in someone’s life?

How would I spend the next hour with my twenty three year old daughter and my twenty one year old son if I knew it was the only hour they’d remember from their teenager years when they are an adult?

How would I spend this evening with my loved ones if it were the last evening we would spend together?

How would I spend my money today if I knew that today spoke financially for the rest of my days?

Would I hold my temper? Would I stop being such a perfectionist?

Would I set a good example?

Would I not worry what the neighbors thought and just run through the sprinkler in my clothes, laughing with my children?

Would I make a perfectly delicious, tasty meal and smile at my children across the dinner table – or would I just throw a box of Tuna Helper out there?

Every single day, we’re making an impact on the people around us. The people we love. The people we merely like. The people we will never directly know. Even on ourselves – our future health, happiness, relationships, skills and finances. Every single day, we have a chance to really make all of those things shine – or we can buy a sack full of double cheeseburgers and sit in the basement all evening watching Friends reruns or texting people we wouldn't have anything to say if they were sitting next to us.

Today is really the only day that matters. You can’t make your past self do anything. You can’t make your future self do anything, either. Your only freedom of choice is right now, and thus today is your one chance to paint your masterpiece.

What are you going to do today to make it your masterpiece?'
October 2010

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