Friday, May 11, 2012

Holy Cow, It's Friday and Sunny!


I have to confess, I do have periods when I am down, depressed, miserable, wanting to be alone, and sad. Gray and rainny days have this affect on me. I believe we all deserve to feel like that once in a while. I believe it's part of the scale of happiness and a balanced life.
I heard it’s healthy. I also know I am the one who gets myself out of this funk and puts me on the path of happiness over again. If I had to depend on others to do this, I would never be happy. Knowing that gives me comfort to feel down sometimes, because I know exactly where my happiness comes from, I know how to tap into the foutain that makes me whole again, it lays right here, inside of me. I only look to others to feed on their positivity. This is called helping each other, novel thought, huh?

Have a fantastic day and remember, only you can control down times. When they come be generous, be patient, be understanding, be forgiving, be gentle with yourself. Remember that after the each storm, each rainy day there will always be a sunny and bright sky waiting for you.
To quote the old time Cubs announcer, Harry Cary, “HOLY COW”, IT’S FRIDAY AND SUNNY. Talk about a pick me up. That will do it every time.Have a wonderful day!

N. Cardoso - Inspired by a thought from Tony Bovi.

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